We all know that rushed monday morning feeling, that just makes you feel 'undone', disorganised and behind for the rest of the day. Being a deep sleeper, weekend overloader and lie in lover I've experienced that one too many times that I've now found my kit that will have you lookin' and feelin' all kinds of P Diddy at the crack of dawn, ready for the day. 

First up, we've gotta get those eyes looking as awake as possible and we all know that curled eyelashes open up the eyes a heck load. I use The Body Shop Eyelash Curlers. They're great because they're budget friendly, really easy to use and clean. And also add an instant curl once you apply pressure as the spring adds extra force to ensure that they're curled as much as poss'. Then of course, I'd recommend adding lashings and lashings of your mascara of choice. Right now, I'm in between experimenting with different mascaras but I'm really digging the No7 Midnight Lash Ultra Black Mascara because it adds different fibres, lengthens with a little volume too. Bingo? I think so. 

Next up, base. We've gotta get that skin looking uber glowing and uber contoured to add some structure to your face (well if you've got a bowling ball head like mine and chubby cheeks to give hamsters a running for their money). I find the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Shell really great for quick, easy and a light / medium coverage. This blends like a dream, gives a 'your skin but better' finish and adds a gorgeous glow to the skin. Once you pair this with a little bit of concealer if needs be and a little bit of the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent if you've got a long day coming up, you'll be kitted out fo' sho'. 

If you want more glowing skin and want to contour and add a really natural 'shadow' and 'definition' to your face then Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer Mousse is your guy. I apply a tiny amount onto a brush (the Real Techniques Contour Face Brush is a don at this kind of jazz) and dab the excess onto the back of my hand then apply this to my cheekbones, temples, nose, chin and hairline to create a natural glow and shadow. It'll have you looking all kinds of awake and Kimmy K. Winner. 

Brows, brows, brows. Just what you need to sculpt your face. Benefit Gimme Brow is kick ass at giving you quick, Cara-esque brows. Due to the fibre brush, it adds the illusion of extra hairs to your brows whilst pinning them down and adding a little colour. Yep, gorgeous. So that'll leave you with just your lips. If you've got a long day ahead in the office / college / trapesing in and out of endless meetings then I would opt for a natural, nude lip that requires minimal maintenance and rewards some kind of moisture too. Maybelline Baby Lips Collection ticks all of those boxes, and the colour I have which you see in the picture above is like a sheer-er, cheaper and more moisturising version of Mac Patisserie Lipstick. Can't beat it. So ladies, no excuse to be late and end up with a bodge-d up makeup look serving you badly for the rest of the day. I've got you covered *high five sista*

Have you got any tips to share?