Hey there! It's Brook Dellar, the girl behind what you are witnessing right now.  I do all the nattering, design and  photography for this blog. What you'll be guaranteed to see from the beauty lover myself, is a large portion of makeup reviews with a side order of fashion, the latest gossip and possibly a cheeky edit and weekend post here and there. Since I love fine dining, going to concerts and buying tons of new clothes, I'll be sharing that with you guys too. So there's a bit of everything for everyone!

On the side from running this blog, I run a commercial cleaning company called Quantum Commercial Cleaning Ltd and recently became a mum to my beautiful daughter, Esme.My dream is to be able to hopefully reach some of you guys out there, and for you to enjoy both my content from here and my design work delivered by my company. So hopefully with hard work and dedication, you guys will like what you see. After all, hard work does pay off... Right? 
Like I said, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave comments and your thoughts as I love hearing from you guys. 

Brook x

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