Everyone knows the feeling of dehydrated, over-pigmented and troublesome skin but the answer has always been and still remains to be... Face mask. Face mask up, slather it on, chill for a few minutes and wash it off. Not only will you be unclogging those poor pores but you'll also be giving a completely clean fresh base for your makeup or just setting yourself up for a kick ass no makeup day. Winner? I think so. 

Now - it's all well and good saying that you love face masks, they kick ass and all the rest of it. But what face mask will serve you well and not break you out or make your skin feel dry or oily even. That's the question. So I've tallied it all up and grouped them into what would suit you. So, notepads at the ready... Ready, Set, MASK... *cringe* 

For a Complete Skin Detox - Super Facialist By Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Clay Mask (£8.99) 
Feel like your skin needs an uber deep clean? Well, Una Brennan has got her formula down that will have your skin feeling all kinds of smooth and pore free. The Tea Flower Scent isn't over powering and won't last past the whole removal stage. It just adds an extra sense of all kinds of fresh making you feel clean as poss. Don. 

For a Breakout Saviour Sesh - Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask - (£23.00) 
A slightly more high end option, but let's be honest Origins kicks ass when it comes to trusty, organic skincare. This will have your skin feeling smooth, less pigmented and somewhat manageable. Those nasty big bad boy zits will be kept at bay, but still drawn out over night to get rid. It is basically a dream in a bottle if you suffer from acne like little ole 2014 me! 

An Über Nourishing Option - Yes To Carrots Nourishing Clay Mask - (£9.80)
This one will have you dry skinned ladies feeling all kinds of nourished and smoothed. No more foundation / concealer hanging around your dry nose or chinny chin chin. This one will have you feelin' p diddy kinda smooth in all of about 10 minutes. Get your hands on it and wave goodbye to an uber nourishing moisturiser as this will just do the job. Apply this once a week, use a lightweight moisturiser and you'll be off to kick ass skin that are as smooth as a baby's bottom. Brill. 

For a Fun Unique Mask Up Experience - Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask - (£10.20) 
So a Self Heating Face Mask? Yep you heard me. This isn't just your bog standard clay mask that will go all hard, or a good ole peel off (although those rock - any suggestions on good Peel Off Masks?). This is so much fun to apply, it's like a coal-y grey coloured mask that heats up in your hands and you can feel it working into your skin. Once it cools down (about 5 minutes or so... bingo) then you wipe it off and you feel clean as ever. Love love love it! The Soap & Glory Self Heating Face Mask rocks too if you want to try something different! 

What face masks have you trialled, tested and loved?