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So, you're probably thinking... (1) where the heck have you been? and (2) you've got your own company?! I certainly have and it's recently got a whole new look, so I guess you could say that's where I've been hiding. I'm a great believer that change is good, and starting a new year and new approach with a complete new look for your company is a good start. Don't get me wrong, I'm not first to sign up to rebranding yourself all the time but when you've got exciting new projects coming up, you've got to look your best and be satisfied with the company you're representing in order to sell yourself to the best of your ability. 

My previous brand identity and approach was a very "EXQUISITE IS HERE EVERYONE" "LETS BE BOLD" "LETS THROW IT IN EVERYONES FACE AND HAVE CAPITAL LETTERS AND BIG FONT". That's not necessarily a bad thing, and yeah it most certainly got people to remember your name but when it comes to you being the face of your brand, which I soon have became, it has to represent you too. I'm a complete extrovert, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to being all in your face like WOAH BROOK IS HERE that's not really my dig. 

Therefore I came up with the new brand which you see in front of you today. It is quite 'artistic', pleasant and approachable. Something more british, quintisential and not too feminine but a lot more feminine than my previous one. One of my favourite things to do is just keep complex, simple. Don't over load it, don't complicate it, focus on what you want to say, colours, typography. Just go with that. It's the best thing to do. A varied colour palette that blends and falls into place is always good. Be simple, but be bold and confident about what you're selling. 

So with all my ranting, explaining and business-chatter over with go and check it out and let me know what you think. We offer all different kinds of services such a Brand Identity (like Logos for example, perfect for you fellow bloggers who want to build your own identity on the world wide web!), Website Design & Development (of course), Print Stationary (this includes all things like Business Cards, Headed Paper and Compliment Slips to those fancy Invitations for your birthday party, wedding or christening (for example)) alongside plenty of Social Media Marketing, Advert Design and Photography / Film. So we can pretty much do all things design, so if you would like to work together or know someone who does... ping them my contact details / website and we'll be ballin'. 

Enjoy, have a good weekend & feel loved and awesome for being so supportive!

Mwah, lots of love x