Big up to one of my Bestest Friends... ever, who goes by the name of Maia from The Beauty Mess. We go years back (I'm talking Year 5) and she's all kinds of awesome. When it comes to having a gossip, giggle and groove she's my first point of contact, but lemme tell ya, when it comes to beauty she knows her stuff. She's been around the Youtube / Blogging spaces for a while, but has recently set up her own little corner of the internet called The Beauty Mess. Serving up her menu of all things Beauty with a side order of Fashion, Food and Tips here and there, she's got it covered. But today she'll be givingg us a sneak peak into her everyday makeup bag so without further rado, over to you Maia... 

"First off, thanks to Brook for having me! Today I'm going to let you into the depths of my everyday make-up bag...so let's jump straight to it, shall we?

Before you even consider applying your foundation, you need to get yourself a moisturiser to keep your skin lookin' soft and fresh. I recommend the Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream, as it's super absorbing, feels amazing on the skin, and gives you an all round 'I woke up like dis' look. And did I mention it's got SPF 15? Perfect for when the sun's out as it protects your skin too! So, got your base covered? I go straight into the foundation. My holy-grail everyday foundation has to be Rimmel London Wake Me Up. I feel like this dewy foundation gives me a perfect matte-to-radiant glow and I'm obsessed. It's gentle on the skin, and I've had no breakouts with this bad boy. I then add my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I'm not even going to go there, you've heard it all before and I'll save you the details - it does what it says on the tin (or tube, whatever).

So recently I've been skipping the powder, because I feel like I don't necessarily need the extra layer on top of my foundation, as it already lasts most of the day and I don't need to set it, so I get the Body Shop Bronzing Powder instead, and I apply it to my cheeks. I lightly use this to contour too, but it's works better when you just want to give yourself a natural-looking glow all over (I highly recommend this for the paler ladies out there like me!). I use it with the EcoTools Bamboo Powder Brush, and I'm sorted. Then I add the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade to add a gorgeous shimmer to my now-tanned cheekbones. Want to add another Mac product? So do I, so I use the Mac Powder Blush in Warm Soul (discontinued). This gives you that gorgeous rose tint to your cheeks that will make anyone jealous of your cuteness. 

Let's move on to the eyes. I reach for my most recent purchase and well-loved Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. You dream of getting your hands on a Naked Palette but you're on a budget? Go for this bad boy. No creases, flawless application, this will be one purchase you'll rave on about even after everybody stops listening. I always go over my eyelids with W.O.S, to get my lids the same even colour, and then I go in with the Naked 2 in the outer corner, stopping midway and blending. Want a more dramatic look? Add some Faint in the crease. With your smoky eye on point, add some mascara. I use the dark horse of mascaras, No7 Stay Perfect Mascara. Now No7 needs some credit for this mascara, because it adds the thickness and length that any girl needs for her lashes.

To finish off the look, use the Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Lip Balm. This stuff doubles as a moisturising lip balm and a gorgeous highlighter if you're feeling adventurous. This stuff has it all - the compactness, the amazing smell, and the formula works...your lips feel nourished, so it's an all round winner. Love a natural lip? This is the stuff for you."

See, I told you, she's a babe.

I also did a post on Maia's blog so go and check that out here.

Have you tried any of these products?