If you know me, you'll know that I'm a complete sucker for a good jacket. Especially a Zara jacket, because let's be honest... who doesn't love Zara? Well on my trip to Cornwall at the latter part of last year, I noticed that once I got back my jackets just didn't feel clean. With all the travelling and intense walks and endless amounts of visits to fish mongers, my coats were well due a wash.

I'd recently washed one of my white collared box fit jackets in the wash despite it specifically saying 'Dry Cleaning Only' on it, let's just say now that isn't a jacket I wear anymore... The strings are running loose, it feels really 'crispy' and rock solid and it's 10 x smaller than it was before meaning layering those well loved chunky knits underneath aren't much of a winner. After that, I said never again and waved hello to the Dry Cleaners and I'd never ever go back. 

I genuinely don't know what life has been without it. Now I'm a complete washing maniac, I probably put on about 6 washes a week, yep. I love my clothes to be clean, and there's nothing quite like your pair of skinnies fresh out the warm tumble dryer... can't just be me... surely? But I got 5 jackets cleaned and came back with change from a couple of twenty pound notes... bingo? All your coats are washed, ironed and returned all hung up, smelling great and feeling lovely. 

With jackets being the prime pieces of my outfit, it really is important to keep them looking clean and you feeling fresh too. I think we often forget to wash our jackets, but with those sweaty pits and all the rest of it - it's important to keep them clean. After all, that's what is going to have more physical contact with public things than your top underneath. Especially if you're a leaner like me! So go on, do it! You won't regret it!

Have you tried the Dry Cleaners before?