Have you ever had a BSD (Bad Skin Day) where you take a panic trip to Boots to try and find a product that is going to fix it and end up signing up to a new mortgage? Well, you’re not the only one. I’ve done this time and time again and more than often I end up extremely dissapointed with worse skin, other than this occasion. 

I was hunting deep in the isles of Boots and came across a huge pot of moisturising cream and was completely intrigued. It was only £2.50 for a huge pot and I must admit, I did not have high hopes but wow the results were insane. 

Within 48 hours of applying this morning and night to clean skin, my skin had completely cleared and it’s been the best it’s ever been since. I find the product to be extremely versatile. The consistency is thick, but a thin layer can be applied with ease however can be built up if you feel you want your skin to soak some moisture (I often do this at night) or for more of a glow as a base of makeup. I find my makeup glides onto my skin and I never have dry patches, considering I’ve used this all winter and I usually suffer from dry skin. 

If there is one thing you buy today, skip the Starbucks and get this product. I promise you will not be disappointed. In my opinion it is much better than various other high end moisturisers I have used and for £2.50 you cannot go wrong. Let me know your holy grail moisturiser and if you do try it, be sure to drop me a comment below with your thoughts. 


Brook xx