I'm most definitely got the TGIF feeling despite the Bank Holiday monday this week has been so busy. This only calls for a good ole pamper, wind down and relax to take my mind off the endless amount of paperwork and meetings I've got jotted in for next week. Yawn. After many trialing and testing of body butters, face masks and all things chill, I've got a trusty kit which I always tend to go to every time I'm feeling the stress, oh the joys. 

First off, a bath is pretty much the answer to all your problems. A kick ass bubble bath or an Aromatherapy Bath Oil will get you pretty much half way to winding down into weekend mode from the moment you start getting that bath runnin'. Next off, let's light them candles and dive into that warm, bubbly bath. Face Mask, Tina Fey - Bossypants Book and Music at the ready, let's get started. 

Now of course, a pamper evening wouldn't be a pamper evening without a trusty face mask that you can sit back and let it sink in and do all that work for you. The Origins Out of Trouble Face Mask is my most recent mask that I've been digging recently since my skin has been playing up... big time. This is perfect for making those dreaded zits more manageable and tamed away, just what we need if we're going to be meeting friends & family over the weekend, let alone the other half. Can't be having zits as big as cherries shining through that concealer can we gals? 

Whilst that's sinking in, just whack on your favourite chill tunes (John Legend is always a winner), read your book of choice at the moment and get chillin'. Once your face is all firm and ready to wipe away grab that flannel / muslim cloth and get your wipe on. With your hair washed, body scrubbed and shaved to perfection, whip out the bath and use the world's best relaxing Body Butter (The Sanctuary Spa Night Butter)... ever. Yeah, that's a big claim but trust me ladies and gents, it's a winner. My mum (AKA. Body Butter addict) loves it too which is always a good sign! 

The Wet Brush at the ready, just run that through your hair and you'll be feeling relaxed as ever. For any of you who don't have a wet brush, trust me, it's amazing. You'll have to pick one up! It's not that expensive, but honestly the chore of brushing your hair 10x less worse as it just gets rid of knots like no tomorrow. It will forever be a myth as to why / how / what it does that works differently but I just love it. It's official. 

Whilst you're making your drink and snacks of choice, whack on your nail varnish of choice ready for the weekend. My Nail Varnish choice is the Maybelline Super Stay Nail Varnish in this gorgeous deep red colour, oo la la. These nail varnishes are almost like gel nail varnishes, and leave just the right layer of varnish on your nails and last forever. I've had this one on my toes for 2 and a half weeks and I've only got a chip on my big toe because I hit my foot on a door, yep I'm practically Bridget Jones. But ladies, don't miss this step because you'll thank me later when you make a last minute sandal / heel shoe choice this weekend and your feet will be lookin' mighty fine, winner. 

Feeling pampered? What's your ultimate pamper product?