If you've seen me over the last week or so either nattering away in person or on twitter, you'll have seen me being practically simease to these babies... My Love Label (exclusive to Very) scuba print high waisted pants. 

If you're thinking, what on earth is Love Label? What even is Very? Well, before my mums cheeky subscription to their credit account, I was thinking the same as you. Not to mention them constantly increasing her credit limit (cha ching... oh yeah baby), their Love Label and South brands totally rock and don't get enough recognition in the internet world. They offer stylish, affordable clothes which is darn awesome and even more so it's a lot more unlikely to see someone else wearing the same thing as you (oh yes, I've had that topshop jumper experience... not sweet).

So, apart from all that... The actual pants are awesome. Not only do these look great for summer and switch it up from the bog standard pair of leggings, jeans or trousers but they are so darn comfy. Since I work at home, I've been on the hunt for comfy clothes that I can feel some what presentable in but not looking like I've just rolled out of bed. These have ticked all my boxes, and are definitely a staple for my summer wardrobe. 

I can't wait to whip these out with some cute sandals, white jacket and my statement zara necklace. Winner! 

Have you got any recent additions to your spring/summer wardrobe? Do share!