If you've ever met me or are going to meet me soon, there's a 99.9% chance I'll be rocking a pair of these babies. I thought since they're such a staple for my wardrobe I'd dedicate a post to them to let you guys in on why these are darn right awesome.
Right, first off. Let's get it out there, I have size UK 9.5 feet. I know they're pretty much the size of jupiter but I have to work with what I've got. For years and years I've always struggled and been a Size 8.5 + since Year 10. I always used to have to look in the mens section for shoes, or the good ole brand websites like Vans, Converse or Nike. But once I discovered all the different designs the Toms website did, in the GIRLS section I thought I was living the dream.

They do so many different designs and styles that all maintain the comfort but still look uber stylish. I've got my eye on some sandals and wedges I'll hopefully get my hands on soon (maybe a £230.00 Zara Order was a bit over the top... Oops!) but have a look at the Toms Website and check out what they've got on offer. I'll say sorry to your bank account in advance!

Let me know if you've got big feet, or share my love for Toms. I'd love to hear your thoughts!