Any fellow milk bottle looking ladies will know what it's like to have a wander around town in summer and feel like the most gross lil lady around because you're paler than pale. Well, after many recommendations, pale walks of shame and many looks at the tanning aisle in Boots I finally thought I'd give these a go. But uh oh...

If you're new to this BB, CC thang you're not the only one. But for sure, this Rimmel London BB Instant Tan is the bomb.com. It will cover literally anything (oh yeah including those bad ass bruises) and doesn't streak. I freaking love this as a go-to-'oh damn I haven't tanned yet' tan before a night out or a day where I'll be revealing a little more flesh than usual (ooh la la). I'd definitely opt for the Light Matte though since the so called 'Light' is pretty dark as it is, can't begin to imagine how dark the Medium Matte is. I just wish that this lasted longer, and wasn't just a wash off... oh we can dream!

Now any of you girls who are less experienced tanners, beware of the L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Elixir. By golly this sticks to your skin, but only in a good way if you 1) scrub and 2) moisturise before use. The first time I gave this one a go, I was feeling rather spontaneous and went for it without a mitt and didn't wash my hands in between let alone this being non-tinted. But my gosh did this streak and stick like a mofo. Not cool, not cool. But, with the right application I can imagine this has a good chance of lasting for a couple of weeks... easy!

So with my tanning tangent over, be sure to drop your tanning suggestions and stories below in the comments!