I've never really been particularly into fitness, ever since a young age. I played a bit of tennis, went for a quick dip in the pool and a PE lesson at school now and again, but I've never been a fitness freak to say the least. However, these last few months I've really got the fitness bug and been totally loving it. So I've put together a little overview of my journey, what are my 'must have' things and what I've been using to get my sweat on (oh yeah...)

For weeks and weeks I'd always sat every morning contemplating getting my kit together and going for a quick jog, or having a whizz at an exercise DVD from the stash at home or popping down to my local gym but I never quite pushed myself to do it. Any fellow sleep lovers like me will understand how much it pains to get out of bed early, but I can reassure you it's so worth it. Hardly any more (not so) sexy snores mid-day and semesters in the afternoon, because after a good ole workout you feel SO much more awake, alert and all over darn awesome. 

After speaking to a few fitness freaks and trainer lovers, I heard that the Nike Roche Runs are the comfiest trainers around (gotta admit, I wasn't particularly thinking practically when I ordered the all white ones... *face palms*). But these are literally like walking on spongey clouds AKA heaven. Pairing these with a good ole Nike Sports Bra and any bottoms (I wear my  Jack Wills Slim Fitness Pants on most occasions) you'll be set to go. 

The exercise DVD I've been really loving is this 1000 Calorie workout by Clare Nasir. Plenty of Interval Training, Combat, Kicks, Floor Work and Stretches, this will be bound to help you sweat off those calories and burn the pounds. When I first started doing this exercise DVD, it was an absolute killer. I've built myself through the workout, and use 2kg Dumbells (mine are just from good ole Amazon) to add more resistance to burn more fat. When you start off, I wouldn't recommend sitting down half way through and stopping... most definitely go for the easy option by the female trainer then do the harder option with Clare and the male trainer when possible. It's a winner! 3/4 Times a week and you'll be sorted. 

If you're more into Disco, Combat, High Intensity and Pilates the Charlie Brooks Workout (AKA. Janine out of Eastenders) is a real good one. The floor work is a killer, not to mention the High Intensity. But be sure to give it a go, definitely good to alternate. 

So far, I've really noticed a difference in my clothes feeling a heck of a lot looser and just feeling a lot healthier in myself. Will be doing an update post in a few months to show my progress and hopefully motivate some of you guys too. 

I'm also thinking of doing the Insanity Challenge, so be sure to let me know your thoughts on that, any diets you've tried or anything to do with your Fitness Journey. I'd love to hear your thoughts!