After much raving about The Body Shop amongst fellow bloggers, youtubers and friends I thought I'd have a little splurge and stock up on my Body Shop stash. Of course that only calls for one thing, a round up post of the loves, likes and leaves. Here we go...

TEA TREE TONER: This was a little on a whim purchase, since my acne prone skin was looking like it needed a little TLC. Now, this really does work wonders at drying out spots and paired with a good ole moisturiser your skin is pretty much good to go. It does feel quite harsh on the skin, which is obviously the Tea Tree factor. But if you're a fellow ex-acne or even current acne kiddo, be sure to give this a shot. It could be your holy grail toner!

TEA TREE COOL & CREAMY WASH: To cut it short, this rocks. I don't know how I've lived without this for so long. I featured this in my May Favourites and by golly did it deserve that spot. For a more in depth review go and check out that post, but it basically makes your skin feel fresher than a daisy. Unreal.  

HONEY BRONZER: For you pale skin ladies out there, heres just what you need to add a bit of colour but not look like a glittery, barbie like tangerine who is clearly faking the ole cheekbones up there. This is a gorgeous contour colour that I couldn't live without which I also did a post on here about my little Contouring Cheekbones trick. So go and check that out, but this is most definitely worth the hype. Hats off to ya Essie Button for recommending this one. You angel. 

EARLY HARVEST RASPBERRY BODY SCRUB: Like the sound of rubbing jam all over you? Well, let's be honest who wouldn't knowing full well you'll smell like raspberries and have brighter, smoother skin. Uh huh, yeah baby. This also featured on my May Favourites so be sure to go and check it out on there for a more in depth review! 

LIPSTICK IN 205: I absoloutely love this Pink Lip, it's like nothing else I've ever used before. This is the perfect pink for summer, would compliment all skin tones and goes on like butter. It's quite bold with a slight gloss, but can easily be smudged out with your fingers to make the perfect pink stain. Be sure to give this a go, they have such a gorgeous colour range on offer too. Get swatchin'! 

CAMOMILE CLEANSING OIL: This was beyond raved about by the gorgeous Amelia Liana, claiming that this is THE best cleansing oil... EVER. So I knew that if she raved about it, I pretty much had to get my ass in gear and add that to my skincare stash. By gollgy was that gal right, this literally leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth but not oily (don't worry fellow oily skinned ladies, The Body Shop have got that covered), it's a pleasure to use. The only down side is that you can't take your eye makeup off with it too, darn. That's what eye makeup removers are for though, right? Pairing this with the NO7 Melting Gel Cleanser (which also featured a spot in my May Favourites... noticing a pattern here?) You'll be living the dream. 

So, there's my Body Shop stash. My loves, likes and pretty much no leaves. Be sure to let me know your Body Shop must haves, I'd love to try some more!