Whenever I talk about or think of brows I cannot get Cara Delevigne out of my head. But fear not, because there won't be as much lusting and loving over her brows when you can get your brows looking pretty darn kick ass too. Benefit's not-so-new release of their Benefit Gimme Brow will leave your brows looking fuller, thicker and tamed whilst adding that little extra fibres to make you seem as though those brows have more to 'em than they really do. 

Small, Thin Brow Gals: Welcome to my world. I tend to brush my brows then use my L'oreal Brow Artiste Pencil or Maybelline Brow Pencil (whichever will do!) to fill in the majority of my brows and give them some shape. Next up brush them out again and add a fair sharing of my Benefit Gimme Brow. You thin brow-ed girls will notice a huge difference now as the Gimme Brow not only tames them, but also adds texture and thickens the brows with little fibres making it look like you've got more brow hairs than you actually have. If you use a light highlight colour under the brow bone and on your t zone that will make your brows look more prominent too.

Normal, Shaped Brow Gals: You clever clogs are lucky to have a brain cell not to go over board with a Razor like in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and didn't get carried away with your tweezers when you were fresh to the teen scene. I can only recommend using a brown eyeshadow with an angled brush to fill in your brows, then also add a little bit of clear brow gel or even Benefit's Gimme Brow in order to achieve a fuller look. Just stick to plucking and keeping them in shape, possibly take a trip to the Threaders in Harrods, London on your next trip down and keep it that way. You could be the next Cara Brow Fantasy gal on the scene before you know it. 

Thick, Natural Look Brow Gals: This is your time to shine Gimme Brow as the Gimme Brow can really be used to create a natural brow look for those of you who has got the whole brow game on point already. Plenty of hairs, plenty of shape and plenty of cara shenanigans. Just brush a little bit of Benefit's formula through the brows for an uber natural look and maybe even smoke that eyeshadow out a little more to add some more depth to your face. Not gonna lie I'm very jealous, watch out Cara... 

I think that pretty much just covers it for all you different brow types out there. No matter the state of your brows, we've all been there before. I've accidentally slit-ed my eyebrows before and ouch the banter from that was horrendous. If only Benefit released this for us 90s chicks hey? No excuse for your Cara Brow Game not to be on point anymore, especially for the party season. Lots of love. X 

Do you have any embarrassing brow stories?