Any fellow problematic skin ladies out there? Yep, add me to that list. Let's just say, God's generosity may have ran out when deciding which type of skin I will have. Not only does it have the tendency to switch from Dry to Oily about 10 to the dozen, but it is also acne prone and pretty darn red. So when I heard the million and one people ranting and raving about the Clarisonic I was game for trying it out, and let's just say I wasn't disappointed. 

The results we're astonishing, after 3 days those groggy pores that us ladies spend dollars and dollars on pore minimising gels and powders, the Clarisonic (as far as I'm concerned) is where it's at. Using this everyday, yeah maybe steer clear from that one, as it did (admirably) break me out. But I was using this twice a day... everyday. Not the most practical of ideas, I know. But pair this with a Refreshing Gel Cleanser, the Clarisonic's option naturally works great alongside it but any is great. Something that foams up especially (*cough* did someone say Simple Facial Wash? *cough* *wink wink*). 

The only hesitation, however, that I have about this little gadget of awesomeness, is the charging factor. If you're a traveller, forgetter or lazy lady like myself then this may be an issue. But quite frankly, I've got myself over that hurdle and charged it up plenty in between using it (which is 1/2 times per week, FYI). It isn't ugly, it's worth the money (yep we're talking triple digits guys but honestly, no more money on the Benefit Professional...) and you won't be having those 'ugh my skin looks horrendous' in those uber closeup selfies with your DSLR. (I've  been there, don't worry!) 

So, ladies... gents... this is one to look out for. Definitely pop this on your Christmas List or just save a few dollar here and there to make the splurge. I totally, one million and ten gazillion percent get the hype and I'm no way on earth regretting the purchase. High five Clarisonic team, you kick ass

Have you tried the Clarisonic?