If anyone knows me, you will know that I'm the worlds biggest fan of Zara. Not only are their clothes so my thing, but they're such good quality and the service is great and ordering online is pretty darn awesome too. Their minimal website design is great, their packaging is kick ass (yes we can finally wave goodbye to those dreaded plastic packaging bags and say hello to a neatly folded pile of goodness - *hip hip horray*. 

On a recent trip to Cambridge for my parents birthday pressies, I of course nipped off to have a peak at what Zara had on the clothing menu and soon spotted this Coat-igan biker style jacket. Tried it on and fell in love......... INSTANTLY. It's gorgeous. It's handmade in Italy and will just have you feeling all things snuggly but looking all kinds of stylish. But coming in at £109.00 it wasn't a given to fork out on it instantly. A few months back and little old me wouldn't have second guessed but with driving lessons, endless beauty #feelingspendy moments, it wasn't just as easy as that. 

But going in and trying it again with not only Maia (from The Beauty Mess - go check her out, she's a babe) who is one of my bestest buds, but also Rianna who is also a babe. I just knew that going back 3 times and still wanting it 9543515346513 times more it was going to have to be done. And I just love it. 

I tend to pair it with a good ole pair of black skinnies (being as adventurous as ever) and a flow-y top and a tiered necklace. Pair it with a good ole pair of trusty loafers and biker boots - bingo. I'd definitely recommend you going and trying this on. Save the dollar as it will be a classic that will last a long time and you'll be feeling like P Diddy within no time. 

Are you a fellow Zara fan?