With everything around us always being so hectic, it's important to just take a little zen moment here and there to assess, have a look at what you're doing and just chill. If you're anything like a workaholic, stressaholic and chatty/upbeat/intense as I am, then you'll seriously need to get your chill on now and then. Load up moving offices, a shed loads of friends family and boys with plenty of gossip alongside deadlines, the pressure of christmas and a huge lack of sleep I think I'm well and truly wishing I was back in the little holiday pad in Cornwall having some proper down time, just me myself and I. *do do do do doo* - how can we not sing along? 

Planning, planning, planning: The key to not getting too overloaded is, quite simply, planning. Just plan ahead - plan those days out with your pals where you'll spend more money than you can handle. Plan your days where you're going to be surgically attached to your computer to get sh*t done. Plan the days that you just wanna chill in bed with a never ending stream of netflix, youtube and as much blogging natter as you can handle with a lifetime stash of snacks and natter. It's important to know what's coming up, what to look forward to and what to prep - that way you always know where you're at and won't have one of those "oh my god where do I start" stressy moments. 

Be selfish: Yeah, sounds harsh, but we've got to be. I'm always Jeremy Kyle to my friends, family and 'boyfriend', but sometimes you've just got to put yourself first. Make sure you're okay, seek advice, have a bitch, have a rant. It's normal, it's okay, it's only human. We're all gonna get off days. Even little old me over here who is always chatting for england, smiling like a goon and being sharpie as always has off days. It's totally cool - your loved ones will understand, since hey - we're all human and we've all probably been there once or twice.

Don't take too much on: You opportunistic peeps out there, this one is for you. Don't shoot down opportunities by any means - some opportunities only come once in a lifetime so don't count those out for a day in bed with good ole Ben & Jerry. But when someone asks you to do something, whether that be your parents, your teacher, your boss... if that's too much then just say "no". It's hard, I know. But if you can't handle it, you'll end up messing yourself up more by having too much of a to do list and pile of commitments. Just say "i'm not ready yet" or "I have too much on" or something of the sort. I'm sure if they're getting you to consider the opportunity, they think (read: know) that you kick ass, and will be able to imagine how many people are dreaming of having you on their team. 

Try not to overthink: I'm a worrier too, and I assess stuff til' the cows come home, I'll admit. But when it comes to over thinking and looking back into the past, it won't help ya. If you've messed up, it's cool - everyone does. If you've done something great, cool, move on and do something else that's kick ass too. It's totally normal, I swear. Just make sure that you are pleased with how everything is planning out and make sure that it runs smoothly like that again next time. It'll bring you down 392850923852 times more if you dwell. I promise. 

Woahhhhh, deep. Fancy sharing your tips on how you switch off, chill and have a zen moment?