Any fellow loyal Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer lovers? Yep, I can well and truly say I'm happily on the band wagon. But with many Bloggers and Youtubers mentioning this whole Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer shenanigans, I thought I'd give it a go and see whether it's all that too. 

Now, it's safe to say Collection have got it down with their formula of the Lasting Perfection Concealer. Period. It not only has a decent range of shades with a universal undertone that won't have you looking yellow-y, salmon-y or all round oompa loompa but it also has you looking all things natural whilst rocking a full coverage. Limited creasing, go a shade up and you can use this to highlight and do your don contour Amelia Liana style. Need I say more? 

But, is the Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer just as good? Well, first up the colour tones are completely different. I find this to be a little more yellow-y and not as natural. It doesn't seem to 'seam' very well with my foundation which sucks ass. I like the twist and brush feature, that's pretty decent but gets uber groggy uber fast. But for those inner corner, conceal and cover those eyeshadow fall kinda moments, this one is a winner. 

All in all - they're pretty darn great. But I think the inner Full Coverage, Loyal Lasting Perfection gal in me is shouting out to just shade up on the Lasting Perfection concealer to get that whole brightening look. But for any of you Salmon / Yellow undertone chicks out there, be sure to give the Illuminating Touch offering a whirl. It may just be your dupe for the YSL Touch Eclait, and hey - who doesn't love a dupe? Right? 

Have you tried Collection's products?