Recently, blogging has just gone crazy alongside Youtube and Vines and all the rest of it. However, as with most things, a lot of thought goes behind each little post, photo and design asset within your little corner of the internet. Everyone is unique, and don't get me wrong that's pretty darn awesome, but I'm almost certain that any of you fellow Beauty Bloggers out there will relate to pretty much all of these traits. If not, I guess I'm just another weirdo stage ahead. But cringe worthy giggles at the ready... 

BlueTac Is Your Bestfriend: Yep, you heard me. Good ole Bluetac strikes again. You know those uber fancy birds eye view photos with so called 'neatly arranged' but kinda effortless, tidy shots? Yeah, they would be a complete mess without bluetac (or whitetac if you're feeling uber fancy). I've spent far too long trying to keep my mascara tubes straight against a magazine and let me tell ya', it's mission impossible. 

Going Into The Drugstore Is Never Boring: So the other day, I nipped into Boots to pick up the boring old stock ups such as deodorant, shaving gel, wash puff, body wash and lip balm... wild times. But I found myself doing my inspector gadget all over the aisles, spotting new releases, colour ranges, offers and coming out with all kinds of odd coloured swatches and combinations on my hands. Let's just say, Picasso would probably have been tidier with his paint than I was with my makeup swatches. Bingo. (Side Note: Is it just me that can't go into Boots and spend below £20 and always ends up with 2982309823095 more things than I need? Please say it's not just me... *crosses fingers*). 

The Perfect Instagram Shot Doesn't Come Easy: Ever since I've had my DSLR I've been absolutely loving photography even more, but not so much with my iPhone. Now don't get me wrong, iPhones rock and their cameras kick ass. But when you compare the quality from your DSLR to an iPhone it's just different class. It's like Dominos Pizza vs Tesco 'Put In The Oven' Pizza, it's just a no brainer. Therefore apps like Afterglow or even good ole Photoshop will have me getting all kinds of editing-ey to get those instragams just right. I'd tried to rearrange a table at lunch before to get the uber fancy 'casual' lunch shot, and ended up dipping my white shirt in tomato sauce which wasn't ideal. Oh what a girl does for a good photo, eh? 

Starting & Designing Your Blog Is The Hardest Part: Now I never thought I'd put both the words 'Design' and 'Hardest' in the same sentence, considering I'm the biggest IT geek and design freak you're gonna get. But what I mean is, I've never really ever been happy with the layout of my blog. Before I just settled for good ole simple 'brookdellar.co.uk' I ventured out to all kinds of weird names such as 'The Addict', 'The Cambridge Editor', 'BD', 'Vivid Blossom'. Let's just say, I spent quite a bit on Etsy Premade Blog Templates. Then I came across Graphic Cookies which allow you to either buy a custom made template for Blogger or Youtube OR get a premade one. This way, I got the look I wanted and kept it simple. But the key is, not to faff too much with your design and just get posting and promoting. You'll soon figure what works for you and what doesn't. Plus, you can always change it later on or as you go? Split it up and just do what you love best... blogging. 

Different Reactions That Make You Awkwardly Giggle: To anyone who isn't a Blogger / Youtuber or all round regular to these kinds of scenes, they'll find it really odd how you'd spend your evenings and weekends discussing things such as deoderant, hair wash or ways to put on your makeup. I can understand their point of view because when my friend Danielle first told me about Youtube / Blogging I thought she was crazy. Sitting up watching little videos of people in their room saying what they got when they recently went shopping or what foundation they've been liking recently? I thought she was crazy, but 3 Youtube Videos in and a couple of Blog discoveries and it was soon an addiction. I get such lovely comments from Friends, Family and the all round General 'Public' (I guess you could say!) from how much they love my blog and my content and my design / photographs. It's so enlightening and really makes me appreciate having such a great group of people around me to support me in something I want to do. I've never really been one to have hobbies or commit to something for a long time, but I can see this going somewhere in my head simply towards a Portfolio for a potential Interviewer, Boss or Colleague.

I think it goes without saying that the Internet is a crazy thing and turns us all kinds of crazy chatting about all kinds of crazy things, but all in all I think Blogging is pretty darn awesome. I've learnt so much from it, it's just like a really cool school / summer project that's just never ended... Winner. But whether you relate to come of these or have your own traits, thoughts or experiences about blogging - be sure to comment and share below!

Brook x