Shaving, AKA the bain of every girls life, let's be honest. I'm kinda lazy when it comes to things like scrubbing and masking but when it comes to shaving (as much as I hate it and it's an absolute pain) I always do it without fail. Nothing quite like a turn off than legs as hairy as a gorilla, let's not be that gal. But I feel like shaving is something that's not really discussed enough. It's something all of us has to do but there's no razors that are ever recommended or any other alternatives discussed other than how much waxing kills (Fact of the day: I've never been waxed... ever). So I thought I'd introduce you to my routine... 

First up, you've gotta get a razor that you like. Gillette have pretty much got it down when it comes to razors. You can get budget to high end alternatives, but just nip into your local boots store (or even the beauty aisle on your weekly food shop) and look at what you like the look of best. The razor on the left for me is my favourite as it's comfortable, has a nourishing strip which moisturises the legs and has 4 mini blades which means it takes off those stubborn hairs like a dream. 

Next up, shaving cream, well if you're a shaving cream gal. There's all sorts of shaving creams, I just absolutely love the Gillette Venus Olay Shaving Cream because it is quite literally the definition of nourishing in a can. It's budget friendly and will have you foaming up your bath with all sorts of goodness too. If you're not a shaving cream kinda kiddo, then why not try a Nourishing Conditioner (yep, the one that you use on your hair... that'll have your legs feeling like a dream too). Or if you're not into any of that, just wet shave. It allows the razor blades to get all the hairs out closer to the route as obviously it doesn't have loads of substance to get through like a shaving cream. Enjoy. 

If you're shy about the whole shaving / razor / blades shenanigans then the Veet Collection is always a winner. They have a great range of creams that just quite literally dissolve hairs. I use their Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin to get rid of those hairs down below, if you know what I'm sayin'. It works great, pain-free and keeps those hairs at bay for longer than if you were to shave. I mean - winner or what? 

When it comes to ingrown hairs, I'm not really someone who has ever experienced that so I don't know about what to do, what to use and how to tackle those but I know Amelia Liana talks about it all the time so she's your lady if you're on the hunt for advice about that. She's a babe too!

As always, be sure to share your shaving tips, tricks and experiences below!