I'll be honest, I'm really lazy with washing my hair. However, isn't it just one of the best things having fresh and clean hair? Well, the new way to achieve that is by the all mighty Dry Shampoo. As far as I'm aware, this wasn't invented until that long ago but what a great idea. Like heck a load of respect for whoever invented that, genius. But with so many brands jumping on the band wagon and creating their very own version of Dry Shampoo. But they all tend to do different things and perform well. So, I have just the kit to have all you sorted... 

For Sweet Smelling, Texturised Hair: Urban Fudge Crisp Pear and Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo
Nothing quite beats a freaking awesome smelling Dry Shampoo, let's be honest, it just makes the whole thing ten times more exciting. But this one works pretty much like a texturising spray, leaves your hair smelling nice and adds plenty of grit and oomph to the hair. Warning: this can leave a white residue if you over do it!

For a Hairdressers Smelling, Uber Oil Free Hair: Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo
Right, you fellow hair dying, bleach loving and dead ends hoarders out there steer clear of this one. This is the ultimate oil drying, hair stripping dry shampoo which will have you feeling all kinds of professionally clean with that clinical, chemical-y smelling hair. So if you quite literally don't give a damn about what the dry shampoo smells like, and you just want a bit of texture with absolutely no oil / grease to be seen, this one's your guy... 

For Fresh Linen Smelling, Extra Clean Hair: Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo
This remains my all time favourite, and will most probably stick in first place for pretty much all my existence. But this really does rock. It not only leaves your hair smelling as fresh as a daisy, but it keeps all that greasy-ness at bay whilst adding volume and texture. High five Dove, you've kicked ass with this one. *boom boom ching*

There's such a range of dry shampoo's out there in the big wide world of the drugstore, but these are some of the best I've trialled and tested (Alongside Ruth's Co Lab Dry Shampoo range which pretty much rocks just as much as Dove's one does too... yeah you heard me). Just one for each and every one of you, bingo!

Let me know your Dry Shampoo Picks!