If you're a regular to these spaces, you'll have noticed that I've been playing hide and seek around my little corner of the internet recently. Not going to lie, the biscuit tin and kettle has been where I've been at. But joking aside, I'm really pulling myself together recently and that's a lot to do with just having some me time. I think everyone needs that time once in a while to take a bit of time out from work, projects and all those things that keep you busy to reflect on what's working, what's not, what needs to be reassessed and just have a good ole clear out and change before we all get bored. 

Now I guess if you really think about it life is a funny ole thing. We all go down different paths, form our own character, meet new people and discover new things. It's most definitely something to be excited about, and 2014 was definitely a year full of ups and downs but nothing less than plenty of learning. I feel as though I've really matured in the last year or so. I've got my own car, with a Full UK Driving Licence, my own company and a managerial position for a large commercial company, I've got a great group of loved ones around me with a cosy house and money in the bank. There's nothing really that is an issue other than those typical #firstworldproblems that we all totally get pi**ed about, but let's be honest you reading this right now are probably in a similar position. But maturity definitely comes with experience and 2014 was definitely that.

2014 was most certainly not what I presumed it was going to be from day one. I've started driving, I've got my own company, I set up this little corner of the internet, I found a new fashion sense, I've met lifetime friends, been on endless emotional journeys, experienced many awkward and very 'bridget jones-esque' situations, I've started doing my own washing, ironing and even cooking, I've been through various different dating scenarios which I never foresaw myself to be in, I've grown skills in areas which I didn't even know were 'a thing', I read my first ever book the whole way through, I decorated my bedroom twice and ate as many biscuits to stock up Fox's factory for a century but I don't regret hardly any of it. 

I'll openly admit that I've made silly decisions and ended up in scenarios like something out of The Hills, Made In Chelsea or good ole Eastenders. But I feel as though it was all a learning curve, and growing up in itself was never going to be easy and I guess this is only the beginning. And after all we're only human, we can't be perfect and life is for living. You only live once, in my opinion, so make the most of it and kick ass. Be successful, follow leads that you want to follow and find a route that will have your smile beaming as bright as the English Sun in mid-july. 

By meeting new people, doing new things and just following your heart it can bring you all kinds of things. If you're oppurtunistic, your life will be 327305982309523 more successful, in my opinion. Success in my eyes is for people that try things and learn from them. Shying away from an opportunity is just being silly, really. Whether that be work, home, relationships etc. We all need to just follow our gut instincts. And yeah, don't get me wrong, it might not be all great the whole time but it will for sure something that you can tell as a story at the end of the day whilst you're snuggled in bed with your bestie, your mum or your boyfriend lighting enough candles to have Yankee Candle feeling jealous.

Therefore that's why over 2015, I'm just going to be a million times more willing to try new things, discover the unknown. It's kinda exciting but really bloomin' scary too. But if you can't do that when you're seventeen going on eighteen with a great squad of family, friends and a kick ass boyfriend to do it with then when are you going to be able to do it... right? Career wise, I'm going to pursue all my career prospects. Keep pushing my Dellar as a Sales & Marketing Manager, keep driving my Graphic & Web Design Company and place more effort into this and see where this goes too (possibly alongside a Youtube Channel but that's TBC). It's all kinds of exciting but definitely something I'm going to be scared to try too. Little ole me, conquering the world - let's do a group high five and kick ass together. We'll rock, right?

What are your resolutions for 2015? Any funny moments from 2014 that you want to share?