Say hello to my favourite nail colour I've come across in a heck of a long time. Rimmel London are awesome... Need I say more?

Rimmel London have ticked every box for me on this one. Not only is the colour damn awesome (perfect on pale skin, bingo) but the formula and brush is the bomb too. It's thick brush makes it so easy to paint your nails quickly... no excuses for nail varnish-less nails ladies! I've had this on my toes for about a week and a half without a chip or anything to be seen, oh you heard me.

Let me just say, the name is pretty cute too. And it's a bargain. Rumour has it, this could be a dupe for Nails Inc Porchester Square. Hands up, I'll admit I haven't tried that but Vivianna Does Makeup (aka. the biggest babe, ever!) seems to reckon so.

A short but sweet little review, but this is freaking awesome. They have a great range of colours too, so I'll be picking a few of those up and dropping you a review in due course! Eyes peeled ladies...

In the mean time, let me know what your current nail varnish pick in the comments. Always love a kick ass nail colour, winner.