Chapped lips have got to be the bain of my life, but in Summer there quite literally is no excuse. Cold free, bold lip at the ready... this is little pot of awesomeness is my ticket to waving goodbye to those chapped lips.

A budget buy, medicated lip balm which will give you change from a fiver... hello hello. This clear lip balm isn't too sticky but gives a nice gloss to the lips. It gives a cooling sensation where you can quite literally feel this beauty working it's magic.

After about 2 days of using this, I noticed such a difference to my lips. Not only is it awesome to put on, but it's kick ass at working it's magic.

If you're in your local drugstore, go and pick this up. It's absolutely awesome!

Let me know your holy grail lip balm in the comments, cos us ladies (and gents) can't be having chapped lips... Nuh uh