So with the sun coming out and the fashion changing up from the good ole bulky jumpers it only calls for a Summer Edit. Whip your sunglasses out (if you haven't already... bright picture alert *pats self on back for a non-black wardrobe*) and get your purses at the ready as theres some goodens...

First off, you've gotta stock up on those summery numbers. Heads up, River Island and Zara are completely killing it in the awesome summer statement stock at the moment. The Bright Yellow Blazer / Summer Jacket you see peering at you is a Zara number IN THE SALE... yes you heard it, bargain. This can work as a statement jacket for you black clothes lovers out there, or just to add a bit more colour to your bog standard outfit.

That rather dashing Blue and White Floral Crop Top you see is also a Zara purchase. It has a gorgeous frill detail at the bottom, and a swing open back (not slutty ladies, don't worry!) which lets your back have a little breather in the hot weather. Then I also got this Orange Sleeveless Drop Back Jumper from New Look. Now I'll be the first to put my hands up and admit that over the last few years New Look hasn't been doing it for me AT ALL, but they've really upped their game recently and have some great pieces. Worth a look! But this looks gorgeous on, so flattering and perks up pretty much any outfit. A pair of jeans and cool shoes and you're a winner.

On the note of shoes, I've got these kick ass Glittery Toms Espadrilles. Such a great statement shoe and makes you look glam yet effortlessly awesome. I've done a post on why I love Toms here so go and check it out. Gives you all the tips and tricks and general awesomeness of the shoes, I basically live in them... *sorry not sorry*

In any season, you can't beat a good ole Statement Necklace and yet again, Zara knocks out the rest when it comes to necklaces. They're just in your face cool, look so much more expensive than they are and last FOREVER. This one has been a complete statement for me and if I've been wearing a necklace over the last month, it'll be this one... Just look at that beauty... Oh my

To look even more sophisticated, you can't be whipping out that ole Simpsons, Zac Efron or Donut phone case now can we... This gorgeous Tortoise Print Casemate iPhone 5s Case is an absolute winner (*cough* amazon *cough*) Then of course you've gotta smell nice. I've recently opted for this Gucci By Gucci Perfume. It makes me feel so sophisticated and reminds me of my Mum's perfume when I was younger... growing up is always a toughie. If you're around Boots anytime soon (silly, of course you will be...) then give this a sniff.

So now you're all set and ready to look chic, smell gorgeous and still have a good wedge of money in the bank, go and enjoy the sun whilst it lasts!

What are your Summer Must Haves and Recent Bargains?