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If you follow me on Social Media, spoke to me in the last week or so, or just generally around these areas recently; you'll be well ahead of the game on this one. But, for those of you who don't know. I've recently had a freaking awesome, dreamy shoe miracle.

For those of you who don't know, Russell and Bromley sell such gorgeous shoes. Like, GOR-G-E-O-U-S. Definitely for those of you who have just had payday, or for you fellow ladies and gents who have less than 24 hours left until theirs (*raises hand* *big grin* *natwest app at the ready*) - make sure you head over there, with plenty of cash. The shoes are so well made, and I've always wanted a pair for as long as I can remember.

Anyway, on a whim whilst compiling my birthday list I came across these beauties (in the mens section, yep, believe it or not... you'd never think, right?) but they had 'LOW STOCK' in capitals and bright red... uh oh. I did my whole sales pitch on the mama and papa, wheened myself in only to hear my mum said they were out of stock... gutted. Anyway fear not, I popped in there on a post birthday shopping spree and asked... there were THREE LEFT in the WHOLE of Russell and Bromley. In my #feelinspendy (Bonus Points for you fellow Amelia Liana fangirls!) mind, I couldn't care less. Anyway, I prepaid them and got them IN THE SALE for £69.00 instead of £185 that they originally were... dreaming.

So weeks down the line, and not a rub, scratch or mark in sight (touch wood). These beauties are just the perfect shoes I always dreamed of getting my hands on. I'm gutted I can't get the gorgeous Gold / Silver / Patent girly coloured ones from the girls section due to having feet the size of jupiter (Cough UK 10 Cough), but fear not as I've got this covered. There's some black patent ones I have got my eye on in Summer. Perfect.

With all that Russell and Bromley, Loafer lovin' story over, be sure to tell me if you've found any bargains over the Sale Season, or simply just wanna share some kick ass shoes you've been rocking!