With the hot weather on the cards, beaches on the scene and bright spring makeup, it only calls for a kick ass easy, effortless and flawless Beach Waves. Us ladies can't be dealing with the frizzy, straight but 'I've been in the wind all day look how knotty my hair is' hair... We've all been there. So, after much trialing and testing since about the age of 11, I've finally found the perfect combination to get that Beach Waves look we all want over the summer. 

First off, we've gotta prep the hair. I've gotta be the worlds biggest fan of the Tresemme Haircare range. Anything that is Tresemme and has Keratin will leave your hair feeling freaking incred-to-the-ble. So, get that all under your belt, then get your hands on the Tresemme Extra Control Salon Finish Mousse and work that into your hair, be generous... the more the better. BUT no crispy hair ladies... 

Then Moroccan Oil and Heat Protectant at the ready for your favourite bit... Drying time. Yep, my personal worst, and least 'skilled' may I say. I've given the round brush shenanigans a go here and there, but no success. That's what hairdressers are for, right? 

So now your hair is (finally) all dry, we can get our curl on... oh yeah baby. The main part and most revolutionary part of my whole Beach Waves discovery is the kick ass Tresemme Hair Curlers (Ladies and Gents, I promise this isn't sponsored. Tresemme is just awesome when it comes to Haircare). In the past, I have always used those hair curlers with a little clamp / clip (you know the thing I mean!) but without them, it makes it so much quicker and makes the curls a lot looser giving that Beach Waves Look in a flash. 

Finally - rant over. You simply take random sections of your hair, wrap it around and hold it for about 10 or so seconds and shebang. Hairspray, a bit of back coming at the roots and a fair share of serum and bob's your uncle. 

I hope this tutorial is of some help to you fellow ladies out there who are complete suckers for a good Beach Waves Barnet (yep, hello nan... barnet. Urban Dictionary revision it is...) 

What hairstyle have you been rocking so far in this hot weather? Care to share?