Now if you're after a book to literally make you feel kick ass... look this way. Sophia Amoruso has got it covered for you to get your act together and just get stuff done. Running a vintage-inspired business, AKA Nasty Gal, she set up on Ebay with her first sale being a stolen jacket - she has turned it into a business with as many zeros as you care to imagine. It's ridiculously easy reading and bloomin' entertaining meaning it only calls for a late night, glass of apple juice and a good ole playlist of Angie Stone.

From her stories of being a smelly, flare wearer to being a fashionable, multimillionaire CEO of Nasty Gal it really makes you realise that second chances and a hit of reality can really make you think - sh*t, I need to get my act together. She reminds me so much of myself, in the way that she is an only child, gets bored quick, learns things herself, works her ass off, quite judgemental but not rude, gets stuff done efficiently, moved schools a lot... you get the drill.

It just goes to show, that with hard work, a passion and a motivation that will knock out others you can achieve things you never imagined you would. So, if you want to complete don at your working life, have a good ole giggle and feel freaking awesome then hear Sophia out in her bible (AKA #GIRLBOSS). You'll be drawn in instantly. It's a winner.

If you've read her book, lemme know what you bits you loved most. Or recommend me your latest little book find, as I'm already having Sophia withdrawal symptoms... Oh man