Ladies and Gentleman, Girls and Boys... I introduce to you Charles Worthingtons well hyped about products. After much trialing and testing, lets take a look at my thoughts to see whether they are truely worth the hype!

MOISTURE SEAL MINERAL HAIR RESCUE MASQUE: Lets put it out there, I'm just a complete sucker for a good hair mask. First, off the packaging of this is ideal. It's flip top lid makes the whole process of applying in the shower as its restricted water getting in and watering down the mask... Bonus! (*cough* Tresemme *cough*). Although, the product really isn't all that. It in fact makes my hair feels worse than if I use my good ole bog standard Tresemme Conditioner. It made my hair really frizzy and harder to brush post bath. So, I really wouldn't recommend this one if you're going for a really nourishing hair mask.

VOLUME & BOUNCE THICK & FULL 3D BOOSTING CREME: For those fellow fine haired girls, steer clear of this one! First day I used this I loved it, until I went outside and had to say hello matted, ridiculously knotty, not to mention frizzy hair! It's jelly-like consistency leaves your hair feeling a little bit sticky, but is great if you're going for the poker straight look for a little get together indoors. Just not for me!

VOLUME & BOUNCE TEXTURISING SPRAY: I've gotta admit, I'm new to this whole Texturising Spray thing going on. Although, after hearing Amelia Liana's review I was completely sold and knew I had to get my hands on this. This really does give you such amazing Texture, Volume and just adds a little extra Jazz to your bog standard hair-do. I would most definitely reccommend this to anyone, no matter what kind of look you're going for. I mean, who doesn't want a little bit more 'oomph' to their hair... right?

So all in all, my thoughts on Charles Worthington's products are pretty mixed. Although I've been let down 2/3 times I'm still dying to try some more incase they're as revolutionary to my hair as the Texturising Spray.

Have you tried any of Charles Worthington's products?