I'm totally new to liking this whole green, almost natural products thing. From all the products I've tried, these leave my skin (aka. the most sensitive skin in the world) feeling clean, fresh and pore free. So lets see why!

BOOTS BOTANICS SMOOTHING EYE MAKEUP REMOVER: Okay, heads up if you try this. You've gotta give it a good shake before you use it! When I first tried it, it left a horrible oily, slimey residue, not cool! But this takes off your eye makeup like a dream, leaves your eyes feeling moisturised (I don't even use my eye cream after I've used this, shock horror!) and makes your eyes look mega bright and youthful.

SUPER FACIALIST PORE PURIFYING CLAY MASK: This stuff smells gross but works wonders for your skin. This leaves my skin looking plump, pore purified and clean from all bacteria and excess dirt particles. Can't go wrong really!

THE BODY SHOP TEA TREE SKIN CLEARING TONER: After Essie Button's recommendation of the Aloe Vera Lip Treatment and Honey Bronzer, I had to pop down to The Body Shop and pick it up. After meaning to get some tea tree oil for a while, I thought I'd give this skin clearing toner a go too. Honestly, it has cleared my skin so much since I've been using it! So for all those fellow acne gals, give this one a shot!

So, maybe this 'whole green, almost natural products thing' isn't too bad after all? Let me know if you've tried any products, I'm eager to try some!