There's so many mascaras on offer at the Drugstore and trying to find the perfect one for you can be a little over whelming. So I thought wrapping it all up into one wordy post containing everything from a brief description to a brief review to which fellow beauty bloggers and you tubers recommend so you guys can really grasp a glimpse of whats on offer at those budget prices!

MAYBELLINE THE FALSIES: Brownie Points to those who have heard of this one through Tanya Burr. This is her all time favourite mascara, and I've got to admit it's one of the best I've tried in the drugstore. It gives you such volume, length and really does give you that 'false lash effect' compared to what others claim. The curved brush / wand allows you to really grip on each lash, which is great as it also holds the curl. Who wouldn't wanna hold a good curly lash right?

MAYBELLINE THE ROCKET: This is for those more 'au natural', length lovers more than volume. This most certainly gives you that extra length, but can never really look too over loaded. No matter how much I've packed this on for a night look, I've never ended up with spider looking lashes. So this is a big thumbs up for more of a daytime, natural, wide eyed look. (p.s. Ingrid from missglamorazzi bloomin' loves this!)

REVLON LASH POTION: Gotta put my hands up and admit I may have only brought this one for the packaging... Oops! Worst part is, I'm not overly keen on it. Due to its thick brush, I assumed that I would be rewarded with big volume and lusciously long lashes, but definitely not! This does nothing but make my lashes feel clumpy and awful. Definitely not one I'd recommend!

L'OREAL MISS MANGA: Despite the mixed reviews, I took the plunge and gave this one a go. I I absolutely hated this the first time I tried it. My eyelashes were all over the place, different directions, clumping together and just didn't really do a lot other than make me look like I'd been dragged through a bush backwards. So I thought no way am I ever trying this again. Then after I heard Velvetgh0st mention she is going to let hers dry out, I thought 'genius idea!' and gave mine a go again. Ever since I haven't regretted it as this truly is a crackin' mascara, absolutely perfect for those of you who like longer outer lashes, and volume as well as a cheeky side order of length. Give it a go girls, you might end up loving it just as much as Alix from icovettthe!

L'OREAL VOLUME MILLION LASHES: This is a recent discovery for all of us, as well as the fabulous Fleur De Force and definitely not one I can moan about really. This rewards lucious, long and fluttery eyelashes without looking too fake or overloaded. Holds those curly lashes of yours for even longer than your bog standard mascara, and yes ladies there's more... it also gives you volume! Bingo! What a winner. Would definitely recommending giving this a go, I've got the Noir version which is literally the blackest of the black and would advise you purchasing that one for the full on effect.

L'OREAL FALSE LASH TELESCOPIC: Another fab offering from L'oreal yet again! This gives similar results to Maybelline's The Rocket, as it gives great length but with a little more volume. Yet again, perfect for a 'no makeup' makeup look!!! This also gets extra bonus points from me, as I can wear this on my bottom lashes easily without any smudging or fall down at all. Perfect and worth a go!