I never in a million years imagined that I'd be rocking a rucksack. I used to be more of a handbag kinda gal, even back in the day I always opted for a Jane Norman or Cath Kidston bag... as you do. But honestly, everything is tons easier with a rucksack for so many reasons...

FREE HANDS: When I used to go shopping, I used to feel like it was such a chore when I had my handbag alongside my naughty purchases. With a Rucksack you have free, non dead arms so you can properly look at stuff. Also I've noticed that it is more intimidating to other shoppers, which is great for the Sales Shopping as well! I mean who would wanna get 'accidently' hit with a heavy rucksack? not me! 

I've noticed also that everything in my bag feels lighter as it's being balanced across your back too. Obviously you can look 'cooler' with one strap but even then its much lighter. All the more excuse to bring more things in your bag (uh oh!)

Before taking the risk, I always used to think people that had rucksacks look really cool. It just adds a little something extra to an outfit. I mean your bog standard Nike ones would most probably not, but more sophisticated ones (look on ASOS) are much more of a statement. 

I'm not sure about you, but basically everyone has a handbag now-a-days. Why not stand out and wear something a little different? I personally own so many handbags, and theres no harm in adding another to your collection for day trips, shopping trips etc. 

I love the idea of having a versatile item, whether it be a makeup product or a casual plain top / dress. I always find them to be a complete bargin! Since shoes and bags are a statement of an outfit, it makes it easily distinctive how dressy you are aiming to look. By throwing a rucksack in with some converses and a dress, it is instantly a lot more casual than a handbag. 

If you've never really bothered opting for a rucksack ever, just give it a go. Have a little scroll through ASOS (where I got mine from) and you could find one that suits you. 

Rucksack or Handbag? Let me know your thoughts!