Now the sun is getting brighter, the makeup trends are changing and theres new makeup releases there's all the more reason to take a look at my lip picks for Spring and Summer...

BOURJOIS COLOUR BOOST CHUBBY STICK: Ever since these we're released last summer, they've been absolute winners and I can truely say they are worth the hype. Their provide a gorgeous wash of colour, leaving your lips looking moisturised, glossy and gorgeous. On the go colour which can be reapplied without a mirror... P to the E to the R to the F to the E to the C to the T!

MAYBELLINE COLOUR SENSATIONAL LIP STICK: Despite the extremely rubbishly branded packaging which took me a month of sundays to find the name of this little bundle of joy this is SUCH a good lip product. If you're the kind of girl that loves a shimmery,  flawless lip with the confidence to handle high pigmentation this is for you! I wore this to a wedding last summer and got lots of compliments. Cannot recommend these enough!

RIMMEL LONDON COLOUR RUSH CHUBBY STICK: Well, well, well. This one is for you nude lip lovers out there *raises hand*. These Rimmel London Colour Rush Chubby Sticks are perfect. I picked up this nude colour, which is great if you've got a smokey eye or bold blush going on. It isn't sticky, glides over the lips and is so creamy and moisturising. ( FYI, the nude colours from this collection work perfectly over a lip stain or lip stick to add a slight gloss. Means mirror-less application yet again... hip hip horray)

REVLON LIP BUTTERS: Now you guys know I love these. I won't ramble on too much about these as I've written a detailed post about them previously (click here) but they are THE perfect hybrid between a lipstick and a lip balm. They are so subtle, come in a great range of shades and are great for on the go!

BABY LIPS: If you haven't heard of these... where have you been!? These fairly recent releases are a great alternative to your bog standard vaseline, as they yet again add a great wash of colour. I've loved these through winter, and I can see myself loving them again through summer. So for those more subtle lip lovers, check these out. Sure you won't be disappointed!

What are your Spring / Summer lip picks?