Raise a hand if you're a bath lover... Yep me too! I can probably guess that you've been tempted to treat yourself to a cheeky Laura Mercier Honey Bath here and there, but when you can feel fresh as a daisy by spending only £1 why bother?

These were a bit of a 'out on a whim' purchase really, as I was getting a little bit bored of my typical Soap and Glory body washes. So since these were on offer, I thought I'd give them a go and honestly I was shocked at the results.

CHERRY BLAST: This one is the more fresher of the range. It's red gel like consistency lathers really well and literally feels as though you are smothering yourself in cherry juice. I mean who wouldn't wanna smother themselves in cherry juice?

COCONUT KISS: For those luxury, creamy and indulgent body wash lovers... you'd absolutely fall in love with this!!! The consistency is the least gel based formula of the three (all the more reason to use it as a bubble bath too!) which could explain why its fragrance lasting power is so much stronger than the others. It'll leave you smelling of coconut all day for sure!

BERRY KISS: Big shoutout to Fleur De Force, as she recommended this scent. I absolutely love this, it's like the hybrid between the Cherry and the Coconut. Not too gel like, not too creamy. It lathers really well, smells great... Just a great body wash really.

Let me know if you have any other bodycare bargins, I'm always up for trying something new!