Over the last few weeks, I've discovered a few links I've been loving, heard about some very exciting new releases and got a very exciting opportunity for this space you are seeing right now. So I thought, what would be better than to shove it in a post all together to share that with you guys!

bblogger Topic Host on Sunday, 27th April 2014: So as I'm sure plenty of you will have heard of bblogger. If not, where have you been!? It is basically an online community for beauty bloggers, beauty lovers, and beauty addicts. The geniuses behind bblogger have started a new topic feature for us, where anyone suggests a topic (on their website), whereby they pick a topic host for every Wednesday and Sunday. Now excitingly, I am the topic host this Sunday!!! The topic is: Drugstore vs. High End - Is it worth paying extra money? So be sure to be free and ready to share your thoughts at 8PM in UK time over on their twitter account @bloggerschat and my twitter @brookruby using the hashtag #bbloggers. Let's get rambling!

Benefit Tinted Lip Balms: For all you fellow Benefit Lip and Cheek Tint lovers, I'm sure you'll be as excited as I am about this one. Benefit are releasing Tinted Lip Balms in June, so I'll be sure to let you know if these are as good as my high hopes are *crosses fingers and toes*

Lisa Eldridge's Guide to Applying Bronzer: Now with Spring just around the corner, it most definitely calls for more bronzed make up looks. So the wonderful Lisa Eldridge put together this video with everything you need to know about Bronzer - the dos and don'ts, finding the bronzers for you, the application... the whole sha-bang. So ladies, there's no excuse. Get watching and take note!

The Big No No to Fraps: Another thing I love about Spring and Summer is the drinks, you've gotta have a lovely cool drink right? Well, I'd always found myself reaching for a Starbucks Strawberries & Cream Frap... knowing it isn't the healthiest but I loved them so, so what? After reading this and a feature in my Marie Claire magazine a while back it has put me off big time. So for you fellow frap lovers who wouldn't mind saving a few teaspoons of sugar and thousands of calories here and there, take a look...

Water, Water, Fruit: Since I work at home, I don't always have the luxury of wandering across the street to a selection of cafes and cocktail bars with a large array of drinks on offer. So, I thought I'd have a look into what I could make at home that was a little healthier, and this is a great idea. Get browsing!

Door Decoration: With the brainstorming of how I'm going to redecorate my room (did someone say room tour?) it only leaves you wandering the internet for inspiration. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to paint the doors in my house like this but we can dream and stare right?

So with all that wrapped up be sure to let me know if you know any other releases, links or announcements. I'm always up for hearing the latest!