With the sun coming out, trends changing and new makeup being released there's all the more reason to change up our makeup looks a little bit. In Springtime rocking glowing skin and bold, moisturised lips is always a go to aim. So let's take a look at my 'go to' products for Spring!

HYDRALURON: We've all got to start with a good base. Now, not to sound like a broken record to all those blog / youtube lovers out there, but this stuff is the bomb. Put this on just after you've taken your makeup off at night and in the morning shortly followed by your moisturiser of choice and you'll have it all going for ya.

RIMMEL WAKE ME UP CONCEALER: For glowing, bright and healthy looking skin, we've gotta conceal not reveal. Just slab this over your under eye circles and your blemishes here and there and it'll trick anyone into thinking you've had 8 hours sleep when you probably haven't! Of course, you can always pair your favourite foundation (Bourjois Happy Light or Healthy Mix is the perfect combo for this!) if you feel as though you need a heavier coverage.

BOURJOIS BRONZING PRIMER: This is a must have product for spring. You can use this as a primer under your foundation, as a eyeshadow (NOTE: using your bronzer is really in trend this season) or to contour your perfect cheek bones. It gives you a perfect glow too, Bourjois hats off to you.. You've really got me good.

REVLON LIP BUTTERS: The Revlon Lip Butters are perfect for keeping your lips moisturised, yet with a gorgeous tint of colour that you can top up on the go without needing a mirror. I've done a blog post on them so click here if you want a more in depth review!

RIMMEL COLOUR RUSH BALMS: This is also a great lip option, well any of the chubby sticks really! Just like the Revlon Lip Butters you can top up your colour and moisture on the go, and carry on looking glowing and fab. (FYI my favourites of the Rimmel ones are the more nude shades)

Do you have any Spring Makeup Essentials?