Now I dunno about you but I'm a complete sucker for a good foundation and it would be a rare occurrence for me to go a day without rocking some. When it comes to foundations, I go through it like no tomorrow. Fear not, I don't cake it on like batter but I like to use my fair share and get a decent coverage - therefore a drugstore foundation is key otherwise I'll be bursting the bank. Revlon absolutely kick out all competition when it comes to their foundations, so let's see which one may suit you more? 

THE LIGHTER OPTION - Revlon Nearly Naked in Ivory - £8.99 from Boots. For you ladies with skin to die for, or just like a little less coverage then this is your guy. It's got more of a runny formula and your skin will soak it right up and last for a fairly long time. It gives a very natural, sheer finish to the skin and works as a great base for all of those creamy blushers, liquid bronzers and goes great with pretty much any lip colour. Pairing this with faketan-less me, lashings of mascara and a bold red lip is very Vogue / Chanel-esque. Rock it.

THE MEDIUM OPTION - Revlon Photoready Makeup in Sand - £12.99 from Boots. Now, you'd imagine that this would be the heavier option but more so that this gives a slightly more jouey take on a matte look. Yeah, you wouldn't imagine those two together but it just applies an even coverage all over, covers up what you want it to cover but lasts a fair amount of time. Powder being an additional extra for extra lasting power and extra matte but this is great for those Youtube / Snapchat / Selfie junkies of you. 

THE FULLER OPTION - Revlon Colourstay in Buff  - £12.49 from Boots. This is my favourite all time foundation and I quite literally freak out everytime I don't have it at hand. It leaves my skin having a full coverage without looking cake-y, lasts all day and really does look great on the skin. Pair this with a good mattifying powder and you're off to a kick ass matte base for the rest of the day. I literally couldn't live without this stuff, and I recommend you using this. The Oily / Combination Skin option too - as there's two different formulas and this one is my favourite in my opinion. 

Now you've got the low down from the BD block, what's your favourite foundation find?