Now who doesn't love a multiuse product? Certainly not me! These well loved, well known and well appreciated lip and cheek tints on benefits makeup menu are an offering that I most definitely wouldn't be able to decline! 
My most loved one out of the pair is posietint as it gives the most natural, feminine tint of colour. By applying it by dabbing it on with your fingers then blending out harsh edges with your foundation brush, it gives you the most natural glow and flush. Perfect for spring, totally loving this.

The benetint is a little bit less subtle and more daring. I find that this can look a little too much on the cheeks, but looks perfect dabbed onto the lips to add a slight gloss, plump and healthy look to your lips which reflects through your skin and complexion. I mean, who wouldn't wanna look healthy and glowing? 

I've heard that Benefit will soon be bringing out lipbalm versions of these which I believe will give Babylips a run for his money! Take a look at a sneak peak by clicking here!

So, with all that tinting, loving and flushing finished... I'd love to hear your thoughts on the lip and cheek tints and whether you've got any cheaper alternatives! Fire away!