With new tablets, phones, laptops, computers, iPods (the list goes on) being released constantly it's often hard to know whether they really are worth the money, just a novelty or a bloody good little gadget that could really make life easier, more entertaining or quite frankly damn cool. So here's a little post about my thoughts on the iPad and whether I could live without it. 

Now first off, quite frankly... yes I could live without my iPad Mini. I work from home and use an iMac, Macbook and iPhone on a daily basis so that pretty much covers all the bases. Although I've gotta admit the iPad is fab to the dab for those travelling ladies amongst you out there as it's not too much to lug around, looks great and comes with pretty much everything you'd ever need (except internet unless you've got the sim shenanigans covered). 

I know for a fact that my parents are complete iPad converts, alongside many of my friends. To watch sky+ from the box is something newly ventured, let alone just being able to use the Facebook, Twitter and browse the internet without having to lug around a big great laptop which can be a pain in the ass. I personally only really use my iPad for the iCal aspects (which I sync from my mac to my phone too), reading books and catch up on the good ole' blogs and youtube vids. 

I'd never sit here and say I'm a complete anti-ipad gal, but I just think that often tablets can be a novelty that ware off or go out of trend. So it's either weighing up the options of getting a tablet to view something you can already view on your laptop, computer and phone or having splurge at boots, space nk or topshop... I know what I'd choose! 

Be sure to let me know your thoughts below on the tablets and the whole iPad / technology thang. I'd love to hear your opinions, experiences and thoughts!