A good concealer can cover those dreaded blemishes fantastically, but finding the right one is fundamental. With so many on offer in the drugstore, it can be a little bit over whelming. But let's take a look at my thoughts on these babies on my concealer menu... 

MAYBELLINE FIT ME: This is the lighter option of the two. Less pasty, and works great if you go a shade lighter and do that Kimmy K under the eye highlight. Worked best for me as under the eye as it didn't crease, and isn't a heavy enough coverage to cover up my bad boy spots. Although I love the packaging, as it doesn't roll everywhere... you feel me? 

RIMMEL WAKE ME UP: I was eager to try this, as I loved the jouey-ness of the Wake Me Up Foundation but it looked a little over the top in some lights. So in my mind, I thought the concealer might be able to help me balance a good amount of 'face jouey-ness'. The colour range of these aren't great, but I swear that this is perfect for highlighting and covering up any redness your foundation hasn't quite managed to get. The jouey-ness of this draws more attention to those spots, so let's not opt for that route with this. (wow, I never thought I'd say jouey-ness so much in one paragraph!!! Oops... #bloggerproblems)

COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION: Now, of course, the cult blogger / youtube favourite... the one and only, irreplaceable Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This really ticks all the boxes, covers up all the acne gang of spots and masks in all those late night under-age circles. Maybe a little cakey for you light coverage ladies, but be sure to give this one a go. It's an absolute bargain!!! 

So with my round-up over, be sure to let me know your holy grail concealer!