For all you fellow damaged hair, ghd lovin' gals out there, fear no more. With the testing and trialing over, here's the good, bad and the ugly of the hair mask world on our doorstep.
CHARLES WORTHINGTON MOISTURE SEAL MASQUE: I've previously written a review on this here and I've gotta admit I'm really not loving this. It made my hair feel wirey, knotty and hard to style. I was better off with my good ole conditioner I already had. Although, big thumbs up on the packaging!

L'OREAL EVER PURE INTENSE MASK: This is just damn right awesome. It leaves your hair feeling silky smooth but not greasy, smelling like fresh mint trident chewing gum and is just all round fab. Definitely recommend this one!

TRESEMME KERATIN SMOOTH HAIR MASQUE: Number one trophy goes to this little beauty. This rewards the smoothest hair, easy to brush and really does make your hair poker straight for a long time. I'm so tempted to try the Keratin 7 Day Straight collection, let me know if you've tried it!

HERBAL ESSENCES BEE STRONG STRENGTHENING MASK: I guess smells can be deceiving... I got so excited about using this, I thought it would literally be like running honey in my hair and I'd have the best conditioned hair on earth. But it was the total opposite, totally not digging this. It gave similar results to the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Masque, not cool.

TRESEMME SPLIT REMEDY MASQUE: This is my most recent purchase and yet again Tresemme are a complete winner for me on this one. This honestly made me look like I'd had a fresh haircut, shiniest and healthiest hair with no dead ends to be visible unless you go up ultra close. Would definitely recommend this one to you girls who are going for a mask to truly treat your hair and fight off those dead ends.

What hair masks have you tried? Any winners?