Now it's coming up to Spring / Summer, we don't want to be stuffing our faces with warm crumbles and custard. So heres a ridiculously easy recipe to cure that sweet tooth!

You will need: 500ml of whipping cream, 6 meringue nests, a punnet of strawberries, a punnet of raspberries and a punnet of blueberries. (you could also add some coulis or other fruit if you'd like!)

Add all the whipping cream to a large bowl and grab your whisk (brownie points for you guys who have an electric one!) and get whisking until the cream is a thick consistency like the picture above. Once your cream is whipped, chop up all your strawberries into little slices.

After all your strawberries are chopped add your strawberries, raspberries and blueberries (alongside any other fruit you may have gotten). Fold all of that into the cream, and if you've opted for no coulis it's good to squash a couple of raspberries in the process. Then finally, all you need to do is grab your meringue nests in your hands and crush them.

When it is all mixed up, it's ready to go. Just scoop it into your sundae glasses (or a wine / champagne glass if you've not got any!) and enjoy!

Be sure to send me your pictures if you make this and let me know what your sweet tooth fixes are for spring and summer!