Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls. Lets say hello to my first ever Monthly Favourites! I'm pretty excited about this, so without further radu, let's get started...

L'OREAL VOLUME MILLION LASHES, NOIR: I get pretty bored of Mascaras really easily, but I'm still as excited about this little beauty as I am since I wrote my Drugstore Mascara Round Up post  (click here to read). This honestly gives you the longest, blackest but yet most natural looking lashes. Holds the curl well etc etc. It's just perfect really! Go and get your hands on it!

SOAP AND GLORY ARCHERY BROW: This is quite literally the tool for those perfect brows you've been aiming for. I love the tinted nib end more than the wax end as I find this doesn't budge at all and looks most natural. I'm so pleased this lived up to it's expectations and maintains my love for all Soap and Glory products to date!

NAKED 3 PALETTE: The cult beauty favourite... yes not to sound like a broken record but I've literally worn this non stop since I got this. It quite literally ideal for both daytime, evening. I'm not going to rant on about it as I'm pretty sure you've heard more than enough previously! But it is most definitely worth the hype fo sho!

BOURJOIS BRONZING PRIMER: Now, I'll raise my hand and say that I wasn't the biggest lover of this little beauty when I first got my hands on it. But since I was experimenting for my Spring Ready Makeup (see the post here) I instantly fell in love with it. It gives the most natural, bronzed glow and is great for contouring. I tend to use it ontop of my foundation, sometimes even powder. It looks great either way! A must have for Spring / Summer!

EBAY SLANTED BUFFING BRUSH: I've been religious to the good ole real technique brushes for a good year or so and I really wanted to give a few ones of ebay a go and honestly this well loved, (dirty - sorry guys!) makeup brush has changed my makeup routine completely. It makes the most highest coverage foundation the most flawless, natural look without taking away the coverage. Blends well, isn't too dense etc. Love love love!

YANKEE CANDLE PARADISE SPICE: This is a bit of a weird favourite for April I know, you'd imagine I'd be going for those good ole light, floral scents. But I'm absolutely in love with this. It's quite spicy, with a hint of banana and cinnamon. Perfect for christmas, but I'm totally cool with using it now. Go on gals, give it a sniff and treat yourself!

YES TO CARROTS FACIAL TOILETTES: These beauties came in my April Birchbox, and I've been totally converted. I've been amongst the fellow female population and been addicted to the traditional simple facial wipes. However these knock those out of the window! They are so much smoother and more refreshing on the skin. They don't work perfectly in terms of getting rid of mascara, but I use eye makeup remover anyway so that's not a problem!

PREDATORY THINKING BY DAVE TROTT: Now, I'd never imagine I'd get into a book let alone feature it in a monthly favourites but I've just absolutely been loving this one. As you most probably don't know, Dave Trott is a successful advertiser and all round genius from London. He wrote this book in such a cool way which suits those of us who aren't massive readers. Each sentence has it's own line, a chapter is max 10 pages (if that!) and is just damn right interesting. Give it a good read, you'll be sure to be relaying his stories and intelligence around your peers!

ALPRO SOYA ALMOND MILK: I've never been a huge lover of cereal, or milk in general. But since I've been recently getting into the ole fitness shenanigans, I've been absolutely loving this. It just adds a little depth to the bog standard serving of milk. Plus it makes drinking milk acceptable for us spot prone skin troops. If you're sat there going 'ew', trust me on this one. It's delish!

Be sure to let me know your favourites in the comments below!