A bit of a sucker for hair dye and not sure how to maintain smooth, manageable hair but still keep the colour? Well look no further, these 'natural' shampoos do just that!
The pearly white shampoo has a thick consistency which makes it easy to lather and really embraces the smell of the Rosemary and Jupiter. The Botanical Oils give the hair such a soft feel, which has made me enjoy washing my hair more with less pondering of that dreaded brushing through knots post-wash. Now L'oreal really thought this one through for us peroxide ladies, as they combine the above with a sulfate-free formula which extends the life of your hair dye.

Quick side note: If any of you girls know of the trick of spraying your perfume in your hair as it carries the scent well (brownie points if you do!) then this little duo is a great partner in crime to that as it really captures the scent. Rolling in the compliments had never been so easy!

Now with the chemistry lesson over and brownie points reawarded to put it simply, this stuff is the bomb. I'd highly reccommend giving this a go and the Ever Pure Hair Mask is the shizz too. I featured it on my Hair Mask Round Up if you're interested in a more indepth review.

Be sure to let me know if you've tried any haircare pieces, as I'm always experimenting!