Surprisingly, I had already had a post lined up for this little beauty to ramble about how this is my favourite ever foundation. But since then, Revlon have changed their formula of their foundation. Is it a downgrade? Let's take a look...

CONSISTENCY: First of all, the consistency... oh my... this new little wonder really doesn't fit the bill and really was my first wake up call to the formula change. The old formula was extremely thick and gloopy (an absolute nightmare to get out of the bottle though!) but I loved it. The new kid on the block is definitely a runny one, I literally poured out half of the bottle on first use. Not cool, not cool.

LASTING POWER: Surprisingly, I'm kinda digging the new formula for it's lasting power, as it suits better to Dry/Normal Skin unlike the old formula which was better for Combination/Oily Skin. The new one doesn't cling to dry patches or show through all my nasty pigmentation by 4 o'clock. It really does absorb into your skin and provide hydration.

COLOUR RANGE: Just a heads up for you yellow toned foundation gals, revlon won't be serving this up on their Revlon Colourstay Foundation menu fo sho. The new formula maintains more of a pink undertone to all their colours, especially in Ivory and Buff. Boo!

HANDLING & BLENDING ABILITY: After my messy first experience with this new formula, I kinda got over it and I'm totally loving blending the new one. It surprisingly covers up pigmentation a heck of a lot better and I can see my concealer stash lasting a little longer than prior to the formula change! Woo..

What are your thoughts of the Revlon Colourstay Foundation?