Before I started getting addicted to the blogging and youtube world I was always pretty basic with my makeup. I'd just use Natural Collection silver eyeshadow with little eyeshadow applicators, and rub my foundation on with my fingers, and apply the occasional dodgy lipstick. However since reading more into makeup and reviews, I've grown to realise theres a whole world out there dedicated to helping you get the most out of your makeup experience, making it look the best it can be and getting the best results for the money. So I thought I'd put  together a list of what Real Technique brushes I use for what. Of course everyone is different, but I always love reading into blog posts like this! Let's get started... 


The Foundation Brush 
Most bloggers tend to use the Buffing Brush to apply their foundation. But I tend to prefer using the bog standard Foundation Brush as I feel it gives me better, fuller coverage requiring less product to be used compared to if I were to try and achieve this with a Buffing Brush. 

The Multitask Brush
I tend to use the multitask brush for applying powder, and sometimes blush depending on what look I am trying to achieve. I prefer using the multitask brush to apply my powder than the powder brush because that way I don't get powder all over my eyelashes (never ideal really!) 

The Duo-fiber Collection 
I tend to use all the brushes in this collection. I thought I'd put them all on one category because as far as I'm aware, you can only buy them as the 3 pack linked above. I tend to use the Duo-fiber Face Brush to apply bronzer, as it gives me a great cheek bone illusion without looking too over defined and fake. I use the Duo-fiber Contour Brush to apply blush or highlight, as I feel it is really precise, and gets the job done without looking too caked on. I tend to use the Duo-fiber eye brush for blending my eyeshadows, it works great! 

The Contour Brush and The Stippling Brush 
I tend to use both The Contour Brush and The Stippling Brush for my concealer. I use The Contour Brush to blend my concealer where I need to get in all the nooks and crannies (e.g. under the eye or nose/chin area). I then use the stippling brush to blend generic spots and blemishes around my face. Neither of these brushes are essential, I do blend in my concealer with my fingers a lot of the time really. I find it blends better, maybe because of the heat of your finger? I'm not overly sure. 


I tend to use a variety of brushes for my eyeshadow, from different collections (mostly from The Starter Set though). When I'm opting for a more advanced eye look, I use all of the brushes below. 

Base Shadow Brush
I use The Base Shadow Brush to apply a basic, even wash of colour which not only secures my eyeshadow primer but also gives a good setting stone for the rest of my eyeshadow(s) being applied on top to create the look I'm going for.

Detailer Brush
I now use The Detailer Brush to apply my eyeshadow going from my crease to the middle of my eye in a triangular way. I find this gives a good substantial amount of eyeshadow without too much hassle. 

Deluxe Crease Brush
At this point, I often (not always) apply another colour to my crease. Honestly, I cannot emphasise how much easier this makes applying my eyeshadow. The domed shape of the brush gives a great illusion making my eye look 10x bigger than before without the hassle of having to wash off with a facial wipe again and start all over again (yeah I did have to do that before, amateur alert)

Deluxe Dome Brush
Before I use this brush, I tend to use the Duo-fiber Eye Brush as mentioned earlier. I then now go and highlight under my eyebrow down to where my eyeshadow starts on my eye. For this I use the domed shadow brush. I'm not overly sure why I nominated this brush for this job, but ever since I've had my brush collection it's tended to stay under that job role, and it works I guess. 

The Accent Brush
As a finishing touch, I often grab my Accent Brush and dip in a green or brown colour and apply a thin line of eyeshadow just under my water line. I find this brush is great for that, as it allows you to be precise and not look like you've got panda eyes by the end of it. It also works great to apply a bold lipstick!

I hope that helped you out guys. If you are new to Real Techniques, I reccommend you have a good hunt on Ebay as I got a great deal on all my eyeshadows I got. They had to be sent from America, but the shipping didn't cost a fortune or take forever to get here so it's well worth it!

Be sure to tell me any funny makeup distaster stories or funny throw backs at how you used to apply your makeup!!! Always love hearing from you guys!