Want to get those Hollywood Whites but don't want to spend a fortune? Here's my must-have products!

COLGATE SENSITIVE WHITENING TOOTHPASTE: I never thought I'd ever be one to brag about a toothpaste but this stuff really is the bomb. For those of you who get sensitive teeth pretty quick, love minty but not a 'gel' like mint toothpaste go for this one. The whitening side is just a bonus really, when I started using this I noticed my teeth being a lot whiter. Pairing this with an electric toothbrush gets you the best results!

SUPERDRUG PROCARE PREMIUM WHITENING MOUTHWASH: I've always been a loyal listerine mouthwash gal, but I got pretty bored of using that. So I thought I'd give this a go and honestly this is incredible. You really can feel it working into your teeth and gums, it's quite strong but it's so worth it. Be sure to give this a go, absolute bargin!

CREST 3D WHITE WHITESTRIPS: If you've been on the blogging / youtube scene for a while, you will have heard about all the top dogs totally digging this whitening treatment. These are little strips (one strip for the top set, one for the bottom set) which you apply once a day consecutively for 20 days. I did find on my third day that my top nashers were feeling a little sensitive but I left it a day before adding a strip again. These are super effective and super inexpensive, so go and pick some up... why the heck not?

What are your little weapons to get those white nashers?