Loyalty cards, something we always get asked if we want for that so called 'one off' discount every time we go shopping. Although I'm still waiting on Zara to have some kind of loyalty card, or Topshop for that matter - I'm pretty darn happy with some of the cards I have got. 

First up, food food food. Of course, the Nandos Loyalty Card is first up. I won't need to say much about this, as I'm pretty much assuming that your purse will be rocking one of these. But when it comes to loyalty cards, and 3 meals to get a free meal... who's gonna pass up a free Nandos meal? Urm... Not me. Chicken lovers out there, here's your dig... 

For those Coffee Lovers out of you - of course, there's going to be a Costa Coffee Club popping up in the edit. In terms of getting free coffee's, I'm not really sure where I'm at on this, but I probably can't count on one hand (maybe even two) that I've used this bad boy. Costa's Christmas drinks will definitely be upping these points over the next couple of months... Oh yes. Now, the more 'tight' version of the two is Caffe Nero's Loyalty Card which is basically a stamp overtime you go. I always forget to use this one, but it's a great way to get a free coffee if you're a regular. I'm more of a Costa and Starbucks gal at heart so this one gets a little negelected but sure, if you're a regular to Caffe Nero then pick one of those up because a free Coffee after 9 cups, might as well. 

Beauty ladies - I've most definitely saved the best until last. Now on my recent trip to Debehams, I picked up the Debenhams Beauty Card because I'd ordered many, many, many times online with everything from Mac to Urban Decay to Origins... the whole shabang but didn't have a beauty card to add it to. (even my Clarisonic, I was sad to wave goodbye to those points... dang). But this one has served me well, and is great if you purchase your fragrances from there too. 

But for you regulars at Boots and Superdrug, yeah you'll probably have one of these anyway. The Boots Advantage Card is a oldie but a goodie. You can't go into boots and spend triple digits and not get out your Boots card. I usually use my points to get a couple of Chanel products, a new perfume or a new hair gadget - cheeky. My Superdrug Beauty Card hasn't had much more use other than a mirror and a couple of swipes so I'm not really too sure how this one works out, but if you have any suggestions on how I can use that wisely then get sharin' because I'm for sure up for it. *HIGH FIVE*

Have you got any loyalty cards?