It's not often that you see the word 'style' pop up on my little corner of the internet. That's most probably down to the fact that I'm no fashion expert, nor no 'style' expert either. When it comes to my individual 'brand' or fashion sense, it's all very office chic, very sophisticated and very 'Brook'. It's one of those fashion senses that you couldn't easily slip on a pair of jeans, a t shirt and your good ole trusty pair of converse. More that of a black skinny jean, pair of loafers, trusty smart top, statement necklace and a kick ass statement jacket. Nothing more, nothing less. Just me. 
When it comes to finding your own fashion sense, yeah it can be hard. Don't get me wrong, it's really hard to now where you're at. Whether that be by looking at your friends weekend attire or your idol's recent look in your latest copy of Look magazine. Everyone has different shapes, and everyone has different styles which they can pull off and can't pull off. I'm no Taylor Swift and I most certainly can't pull off the straight up, straight down shift dress thang - but then again I'm no Kimmy K that has an ass to show off and be proud of. Just a good ole trying on sesh with your Mum, Sister or even close friend can really make all the difference. 

Recently I've really been reaching for my Russell and Bromley White Tassle Loafers more than any other shoes I own. Having size UK 10 feet, it's really difficult to find ladies shoes that fit me, rather I have to nip into the men's section or a popular brand's website and try on any 'ooooh they're feminine' kinda shoes. Of course, when it comes to feet - we've gotta tame them and look after them. A good self pedicure is definitely a winner with Rimmel London's Salon Pro Nail Varnish in Urban Purple. This, admitibly doesn't last long but when it does it's awesome. 

Having a good trusty jumper is always good, and my choice for this winter is Topshop Boutique's Oversized Boxy Jumper in Camel which I love, Love, LOVE. But accessorising is key. Having a trusty set of Statement Necklaces, Watches and Bracelets are awesome. And when it comes to Statement Necklaces, Zara are just absolutely killing it. My Zara Statement Necklace is just an absolute winner. Brightens up the most basic, noir outfit that you've ever seen into a kick ass, hey I made an effort today kinda outfit. Of course, my Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch has always been and will always be a staple too. 

Even in the colder, darker months I absolutely love having a good ole pair of sunglasses AKA Rayban Sunglasses. And these sunglasses are from my bestest ever friend, Saud. He brought me these before he flit off back to Saudi so these are always going to be a sentimental thing for me - and they just make any outfit seem 10 x more casual, and when you're a dressy, posh and smart dresser like myself and only wandering around town it's always a little more 'less dressy', which I can't quite pull off. With a kick ass Ted Baker Gold Snakeskin Handbag at hand too, you're off to a winner. 

What are your style staples?