After popping off to the hairdressers this weekend, I've lost an inch or so off the ends. Which if you are anything like me, any inch which comes off your hair feels as though it's multiplied by 10. But a new trim only calls for new products and a new routine... right? So, here's what products have made the cut *pats self on back for such an awful (read: kick ass) pun* and are taming my lengths into all kinds of texture-y goodness. Oh yeah. 

First off, it's gotta be clean. Now I'm always all for the L'Oreal Hair Expertise Range whether that be the EverRiche, EverPure or EverSleek products, they kick ass. They provide a smooth, manageable feel to the hair without weighing it down too much or making you greasy. Love. But for those lazy, CBA kinda days we've of course got to pull out our ever so trusty Dry Shampoo. My all time favourite is the Dove Hair Therapy Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo. This stuff not only makes your hair feel, look and smell like fresh linen (you know the kind, don't worry... laundrette is not the kind of train of thought I'm going on here) but it also adds that little extra texture, volume and 'grit' but the good kind. The kind that is manageable, not sticky and no white residue. Definitely a winner. 

Next up... texture, Texture, TEXTURE. We've gotta get that texture, short(er) haired girls; you know what I'm sayin'. Now, the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray is still on my wish list of things I want to try, but thanks to the babes that Fleur De Force and Amelia Liana are I've been using the dupe  AKA Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray which is (in my opinion) freaking awesome. It not only adds texture (well durrrr) but it also adds hold, quite like that of a hairspray. Yeah, don't get me wrong it can be sticky but it does the job without having to re-apply constantly, oh the pain. I have also been reaching for my little miniature / tester / little guy of goodness recently after it popped up in my Birchbox and that is of course KMS California's Hair Play Playable Texture Spray which does a similar thing to Charles Worthington and Oribe's options but just with a little more 'grunge' to it. So for you who love that grunge-y, winged eyeliner and ripped jeans kinda look... you'll totally dig this. I wish I could pull it off just as well, but unfortunately I'm no Glen Coco. 

What are your must have hair tools, products and stylers?